Advanced Technology Group is an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of a wide range of hybrid and microelectronic packages developed for technology- based industries operating around the world.

ATG products are found literally from the ocean floor to deep space, with applications in the electronics, aerospace, defense, and communications industries to name just a few. Common to our customers' requirements is the need for compact, ultra-efficient design, perfect function and absolute reliability.

ATG was founded and continues to grow on the basis of its ability to supply these products quickly from design to delivery with a level of cost efficiency that makes the possible practical. The ATG headquarters in Rockaway, NJ currently includes 15,000 sq. feet of manufacturing and warehousing capacity, with extensive engineering, design, development, and testing facilities included.The ATG customer support group is second to none, with a combination of engineering, application, and manufacturing expertise available by phone, fax or click.

What makes it all work? A highly-motivated, highly-skilled workforce that puts both precision manufacture and customer care at the top of the priority list. Want to know more?

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ATG is always growing! New products, new people, and new ways to serve our customers. It will all be right here, with something new every month. And, watch for our trade show schedule. ATG is participating in a number of shows this year,and we'd like to invite you to visit us when we're in your region.



Advanced Technology Group, Inc.
101 Roundhill Drive
Rockaway, NJ 07866
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